What is e-seeed ?

Ar. Ranjit Nikam
Ar. Ninad Randive
Ar. Chaitanya Bhurke
Ar. Amit Oswal



     E-seeed’s Aims & objectives

1.    Spreading awareness about architecture as profession.

2.    Supporting the cause of student welfare

3.    Creating core competency among colleagues

4.    Developing architectural research facility

5.    Exploring ecological conservation challenges

6.    Fostering the economically weaker class.

7     Generating aid for relief work

8.    Harbor youth culture & rural development initiatives

9.    Initiative for self sufficient village economy 






  • Workshop on Business Management.

  • Workshop on Promoting Quality of Architect Practice.

  • To impart Technical Education by Diploma Courses (approved by Council of Architecture).

  • To impart Environment Education for the preservation of our environment ecology and nature.

  • To involve people of all age Groups ( preferably Architects) in sports, Cultural youth and Rural Development activities.

  • To undertake and plan the Projects of Ground water Management, water harvesting, Waste Management, Land Management etc.

  • To undertake and plan the Projects of Roads in the village.

  • Plan and implement the schemes / Projects for the welfare of the people who are Economical Backward by Providing them Training and Assistance for self employment, Housing, Tourism and Job etc.

  • To give help in the shape of Tuition Fees, Dress and Books to poor and to Deserving students.

  • To undertake Bus Transportation for poor children.

  • Stress Management.

  • Establishing and Maintaining Drinking water places.

  • Establishing and Maintaining of Hostels for poor students and for working ladies.

  • To construct the working woman Hostel.

  • To construct the Old Age Home.

  • To undertake the infrastructure projects for public at large.

Ar. Anjali Agrawal
Ar. Ketan Jawdekar
Ar. Shrikant Anpat
Ar. Shreenivas Chundury
Ar. Manish Kute
Ar. Gautam Naik
Ar. Umesh Mane
Ar. Sarang Joshi
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     Objects of Trust

  • Spreading awareness about architecture as a profession.​

  • Supporting the cause of student welfare.

  • Creating core competency among colleagues.

  • Developing architectural research facility.

  • Exploring ecological conservation challenges.

  • Fostering the economically weaker class.

  • Generating aid for relief work.

  • Harbor youth culture & rural development initiatives.

  • Initiative for self sufficient village economy.

  • To strive towards excellence in every sphere of collective or individual activity so that nation
    rises to the higher level of endeavor and achievements.

  • Assisting the architects for getting the employment.

  • Training to Architects for increasing their Professional Skills.

  • Arrangement of Accommodation of Architects who are economically Backward.

  • Awareness in General Public about Architect Field, by way of Journalism or by way of circulating the Brochures and through website.

  • Assisting the Architects in solving Legal & Taxation Problems.

  • Assisting the Architects to get more Business opportunities, and improve thus Quality Architectural Practice.

  • Public Relation with various clients, i.e. companies for doing the work of placement of various Architect and for Qualified Architects.

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